Rachel Chan
Editor in Chief

Rachel Chan is a third-year Accounting student. The Cavalier is a place for Rachel to pursue and share her passion for writing while contributing to the CUS’ mission to enhance Sauder students’ personal, professional, and academic success. She aims for The Cavalier to be students’ go-to hub for Sauder and business news as well as for fun reads.

Loves: singing, paddle boarding, acrylic painting on canvas

On Her Bucket List: visit Salar de Uyuni – the world’s largest salt flat that becomes a giant mirror when it rains

Favourite Local Brunch Spot: The Oakwood Canadian Bistro (must-try: Shrimp Benedict)

Dillon Sharan
Copy Editor

Dillon Sharan is a third-year Finance student. He believes in the Cavalier because it publishes articles on subjects that Sauder students actually want to read about, connecting them to both the school and to extra-curricular news and events.

Loves: playing the piano, reading books, and running TV marathons

Favourite elective ever taken: Medieval Studies 200, due to the medieval-inspired feasts and the month spent studying Game of Thrones

Favourite place in the world: Greece, because of all the delicious food

Tiffany Choi
Marketing Director

Tiffany is a 4th year Accounting student with the intention of pursuing a second option in Marketing. She wanted to join the Cavalier because she believes it represents the Sauder community as a whole.

Loves: trying new restaurants, green tea, and taking photos

On Her Bucket List: Ride an elephant in Thailand

Favourite restaurant in Vancouver: Suika (they have the best ramen salad)

Lizzy Ojo
Marketing Director 


Lizzy Ojo is a third-year Marketing student. She joined the Cavalier because she believes students deserve a publication that is as fun to read as it is informative and that will embody the Sauder student’s lifestyle.

Loves: caffeine, writing spoken word poetry and her collection of snapbacks

Dream Job: designing memorable and thought-provoking ads

On Her Bucket List: learning how to fly a plane


Annice Chang
Digital Publishing Editor


Annice Chang is a second year Business and Computer Science student who is passionate about design, quality journalism and thought provoking reads.

Loves: A good post-hike latte and code that compiles

Favourite Restaurant: Burgoo 

Most Memorable Concert: Beirut at the Orpheum a few years back

Alexia Agourdis
Staff Writer 


Alexia Agouridis is a fourth-year Marketing student who writes because she wants to share the topics she is passionate about with the Sauder community.

Pet: a Yorkshire terrier named Chewbacca, who doubles as her best friend and adopted child

Most Memorable Concert: Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ tour or Beyoncé’s ‘Mrs. Carter’ tour

Favourite Book: ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez


Andrew Choi
Staff Writer

Andrew Choi is a second-year student seeking to study Finance and OPLOG. A school news writer for four years, Andrew enjoys writing articles because it compels him to explore his school’s environment and share the abundance of opportunities that can be found in the Sauder community.

Loves: French fries, the German Football team, and reading about military strategy

House pets: Two Maltese dogs, four hamsters, one salamander and over one hundred fish

Interesting Skills: Voice-acting Donald Duck, blinking in every picture, archery hunting

Chloe Hoy
Staff Writer


Chloe Hoy is a third-year student specializing in Accounting. She enjoys creative writing and journalism, and thinks that you should read The Cavalier for its passionate, insightful, diverse and Sauder-centric articles; not that she’s biased, of course.

Loves: live music, cheering for her favourite hockey teams, and the LOTR film trilogy

Dream Job: cue Guy Fieri on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”

Interesting Fact: is an identical twin


Sandra Lin
Staff Writer

Sandra is a second-year student intending to specialize in Accounting. She enjoys both talking to herself and to a crowd and finds that writing for The Cavalier kills two birds with one stone.

Loves: green tea ice cream, karaoke, and taking selfies

Favourite restaurant: Dae Ji Cutlet House

Pets: teddy bear hamster, Yorkshire terrier, two older siblings


Iugene Ma
Staff Writer


Iugene Ma is a BCom graduate, specializing in Accounting. He joined the Cavalier in First Year because he is passionate about writing and communicating ideas, particularly about lesser known stories and news in the business school community. He focuses on generating impactful takeaways for readers in each article.

Loves: Ultimate Frisbee, Trading in Financial Markets, Teaching

Dream Job: philanthropically granting (reasonable) wishes for the less fortunate

Book Recommendation to appreciate your lifestyle: A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry


Niki Non
Staff Writer


Niki Non is a 2nd year Commerce student, intending to specialize in Marketing and Accounting (or Human Resources). She believes that writing is her creative outlet to spread authentic and genuine information to the world around her.

Pets: a German Shorthaired Wire-haired pointer named Kona (calling all dog lovers!)

Culture: Her great great great etc. grandfather is Emilio Aguinaldo, the first president of the Philippines

Quintessential book to have in your collection: The Phantom Tollbooth

Joy Xu
Staff Writer

Joy Xu is a third-year Finance student who loves connecting with others in the community. She believes writing is a unique form of communication and hopes to explore various perspectives of Sauder through writing for the Cavalier.

Favorite movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Proudest Accomplishment: Finishing three tubs of ice cream in one sitting

Dream Job: Touring the world as a musician!


Jacqueline Yan
Staff Writer


Jacqueline Yan is a second year Sauder student. She loves to write because it enables her to channel her creativity in a meaningful way. Jacqueline looks forward to bringing this passion for writing to every article she composes for the Cavalier this year.

Loves: basketball, roadtrips, and bike rides

On Sunday afternoons: can be found lounging in her pyjamas drinking green tea

Favourite TV characters: Spencer Reid, Dwight Schrute, and Mike Ross