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Established in 1967, The Cavalier is the official student newspaper of the Sauder School of Business Commerce Undergraduate Society at the University of British Columbia. With strong focuses on student life, CUS politics, and business news, The Cavalier is Sauder's premier source for current events and information.
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Why We Need Beyond Pink

In the last couple weeks since the Beyond Pink conference I have heard lots of students (male and female) talking about how necessary an event it is. On the other …
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Old Dogs Film Review

Old dogs walk heartbreakingly into doors, and their aging tendencies are far from entertaining. At best, they are a reminder of better days, not unlike Robin Williams and John Travolta’s …
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Did We Get It Wrong?

This post deals with a subject that has been weighing on my mind lately and seems to keep coming up. The idea that there is …
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