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Established in 1967, The Cavalier is the official student newspaper of the Sauder School of Business Commerce Undergraduate Society at the University of British Columbia. With strong focuses on student life, CUS politics, and business news, The Cavalier is Sauder's premier source for current events and information.
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Entrepreneurship – The True Test of Personality

By Anita Chang

Everyone has done the Myers-Briggs and many other similar personality tests. They are meant to define you, put you into a category, help you get to know …
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Lessons Learned Surviving FROSH

By Stephanie Lai

Attending Frosh had to be one of the best decisions I ever made, right up there with buying a microwave and getting my textbooks before the first …
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Sauder on the Rocks

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Mining exploration, though a predominant industry in downtown Vancouver, has little recruiting presence at the Sauder School of Business. Cav writer Nicole Fisher spent a summer working in a gold exploration camp and offers insight on the industry.

Meet Your CUS Exec

A warm welcome back from the team that helps you get the most out of your Sauder experience.

Message From the Editor

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By Pam Yuen, Editor-in-Chief

Hey Sauder! (Hey what?) I know what all of you are thinking – is it September already? Well yessir, it is! Welcome to another great year …
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A Glowing W: Business Meets the Downtown Eastside

A team from the Cavalier visited the downtown eastside to investigate what issues face the neighbourhood and what we can do to help.

April Issue is Here

The April issue is now online and on newsstands in Henry Angus. You can read the articles individually on this site, or you can view the PDF here.

Let’s Free the Global Economy

Canadian policy makers are slow to reduce trade-barriers and we now run the risk of being left behind unless we open up to trade.

Jinn’s Take: Gotta Have Faith

By Jinn-Erik Soo-Tveita

First off, no, I am not referring to faith in a religious sense, but rather in a more personal sense. Sorry Jesus, I know it’s Easter but …
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Monopoly Tips and Tricks

By Nicole Fisher

Monopoly is a classic board game full of competitive spirit. It challenges a player’s resourcefulness at threat of falling bankrupt and any respectable Monopoly player should be …
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Sauder Building Referendum: The “No” Campaign

By Eunice Hii

Adrian Pape knows a thing or two about when to say “No.” In the days leading up to the March 11/12 building referendum, Pape, a fourth year …
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UBC Model UN Club

By Yooji Cummings

Do you ever find yourself pondering complex global issues while sitting in that dreary morning accounting class? Well ponder no more, because the newest addition to the …
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