By: Akash Vig
image 1 (Akash Vig's article)

The Vancouver Canucks currently sit 2 spots out of the final playoff position in the Western Conference and many fans are skeptical at this point as to whether the club will make the playoff cut or not for a sixth consecutive season. Postseason or not, it has been a lackluster season nonetheless for the hometown team and for many of its players. The glory days are long gone when a new player would emerge from the corner and have a career year, or when exciting goals were seemingly scored at will in Rogers Arena.

Perhaps one of the brightest spots of this 82 game schedule was Mike Santorelli, who unfortunately went down with a season ending arm injury. Goals seem to be a commodity for the team these days and it appears to be costing them the loyalty and support of its fans. Many faithful Vancouverites are torn over decisions that have been made throughout the course of the season, and it is heartbreaking at times to watch this team play. With Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider both gone, the steep task of returning this team to its pinnacle rests on the shoulders of Eddie Lack, an unproven, yet promising goaltender.

Let’s not kid ourselves here; it has been an injury-riddled season with Ryan Kesler, Mike Santorelli, Chris Tanev, Alex Edler, Daniel Sedin, and many others feeling the effects of the injury bug. There is still no excuse however, as to how poorly the team has performed at times. The veterans and leaders on this team need to be setting an example for others to follow in their footsteps, but no one has stepped up to the plate yet. With Phoenix and Dallas to catch for the 8th spot in the Western Conference, one can only wonder how much gas this team has left in the tank. Will the fans continue to grow restless? Or have we already hit rock bottom? Some think we already have, while others shockingly think there are always ways to sink to new lows. I, for one, will always believe in this team, whether the situation is hopeless or not. This club needs to focus on winning right now, and nothing else. Perhaps it is time we accept that we need to “re-build” and focus on the future. Pointing fingers at executives of this team will not do anyone any good; and one can only hope that there are better days for a Vancouver Canucks team that is holding onto every breath it can take as it treads through these dark waters.