Welcome back to school, fellow Sauderites. To returning students, you know the drill; whether it’s round two or a victory lap, we at The Cavalier hope that this year is even better than the last (we’ll be honest, we were tempted to put in a cheesy line about grades – “may the curve be ever in your favour” or “may the curve be with you”. Yes, we know – lame). To incoming first year students, take everything in. This is the next phase of your life, and I’m sure most people on campus would tell you – savour every moment. This school is pretty darn special to be a part of.

We, of course, are your Cavalier Editor-in-Chiefs for the 2014 / 2015 school year – Linette Ho and Stephen Ilagan. This is hopefully the start of what is going to be a big year for Sauder’s official newspaper. There are a couple goals that we want to achieve this year. Firstly, we want the newspaper to be a platform for your voices. If there’s an issue you want to know more about, or if you feel that there’s a story that needs more awareness, let us know! We’ve hired marketing managers whose sole job is to open our social media streams and find out what the student body thinks is important. In addition to that, we’re revamping our website to install a more structured commenting system. Disagree with an article? Think we are missing the point on an issue? Let us know.

Our second goal has to do with the brand of The Cavalier. Yes, we know – it’s a word that gets tossed around at Sauder a lot. We’re aiming for more consistency this year. We’re introducing a columnist system where just like how you expect certain
journalists in the Vancouver Sun to always write under the same topic, so too will the talented writers at The Cavalier. We hope you’ll get to know our writers on a more personal level, with more opinion pieces coming this year to generate more
discussion. What you see right now in this issue is by no means the finished product; in fact, our marketing team will be working hard through the first few months of the semester to completely change the look and feel of The Cavalier. This is your
newspaper, so we want it to represent you as a student. Have any specific ideas? Be sure to let us know. Here’s to the start of a great year!