Ahh, summer. A time for carefree relaxation and endless fun. Unless, of course, you take a summer semester, where you will learn in six short weeks why they are objectively the worst.

Staff Writer: Anita Rudakov

Lack of Summer Lovin’

You’re missing out on the short-lived seasonal romance everyone dreams of! You were supposed to be infatuated with someone for four months and start ignoring your friends. You were supposed to sit on the crowded beach, watching the sunset together, awkwardly wondering if you should make a move. You were supposed to proclaim your love at the end of August then stop speaking in September! Now how will you ever meet your summer love? There are only 200 people in both your classes! And no one has ever met their significant other in university.

You don’t have time for a job

…is what you tell yourself and your concerned mother, even though you’re only at school three days a week. It’s not like the concept of “part-time” exists. It’s not like there are dozens of “Now Hiring” signs up at your local mall. It’s simple: you’re way too busy writing papers and doing assignments to print your resume, muster up a smile and apply for a job. Balancing work and school is just not something anyone has ever had to deal with, so why should you?

You’re too busy for any wild summer adventures

Spending every day at the beach, going to your dream music festival, taking a road trip to LA with your best friends: these are the adventures that define summer break, and now you’re forced to miss out on them! Sure, you burn easily, you could never afford that festival, and you don’t even have your driver’s license yet, but those are just silly details! This was supposed to be the best summer ever, and now you’re stuck inside, learning.

You’re furthering your education

How lame of you to reduce your winter workload and advance your degree. You should be struggling to juggle six courses in September like everyone else! It’s more of an authentic university experience anyways, none of this “getting ahead” nonsense.

You’re inside for most of the day

Yeah, this one really is the worst. Try and get some fresh air on your lunch break though.

Moral of the story

Sometimes you’re going to look down at your pale, un-sunkissed skin and think “why did I do this to myself?” But, at the end of the day, you’re actually doing something really productive with your summer days, and you should be proud of that. Remember – it’s bad, but it’s not that bad.




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