By Kieran Collery


“There’s one asset you can’t classify: compassion”. If the upcoming event the Accounting Club is organizing had a motto, that would probably be it. Partially because it sums up what the event is all about, and partially because there’s a reason our friends aspiring to the Big Four didn’t go in to marketing. What they did do, however, is come to The Cavalier with the skinny on their next event, the Accounting Club’s Christmas Charity Social.

“Basically, our vision is that we want to fundraise money through school, especially at Sauder, and take this money and put it towards buying presents for children in need” said Sarah Wang, one of the Social Charity Directors within the club. “We will be doing it before school ends, as close as we can to the Christmas season… the money will go either to a special needs school or a local children’s hospital”. Sarah and Audrey Wang, the other half of the charity director team, both understand that the Accounting Club is perceived as a very numbers, bottom line oriented club: “We want to show that we do care about the community, and we want to make a difference.”

The event will take place over the course of a week. Once a day, a member of the Accounting Club will have a brief presentation in front of one class in each undergrad year, for a total of four classes a day, and will accept donations within that class. There will also be a booth in CA Hall, for those who understand that an audience to see just how generous you are makes charity that much sweeter. Finally, there will be a competition between each undergrad year within Sauder to see who turns out to be the most generous. Sounds like fun, no?

All joking aside, the Accounting Club and we at The Cavalier encourage everyone to participate. If anyone can make sure that money goes to good use, it is the accountants. The event’s exact date is TBA, so stay posted online or with your accountant friend. The Accounting Club is out to prove they’re more than just number crunchers who sleep with their Tax textbook as a pillow; the rest of us should prove that the Sauder community supports exactly this kind of work within our ranks. It’s time to put our money where our mouths are.


And hey, Accounting Club. You guys can keep the motto. No sweat.