By Enrique Cacho


Home of Rider Nation gives participants the three most memorable days of their BCom

The 50 Sauder students sent to Regina to compete at this year’s JDC West competition are back in town, brushing off the snow, washing off the body paint, and brimming with stories about their prairie triumphs and adventures.


Jeux du Commerce West, better known by its Anglicized acronym JDC West, held its 9th annual competition at the University of Regina’s Paul J. Hill School of Business over the three day weekend of January 17th.  The theme this year, Beyond Profits, focused on the topics of economic sustainability, environmental impact, and ethical decision-making.


As many of you may remember from last year’s hosting of the event on our home turf, JDC West is gigantic and comprehensive, and it keeps getting larger. The 500 students we welcomed to Sauder in 2013 ballooned to 650 competitors in Regina this year, with representation from the top 12 business schools west of Ontario. These bright young students, overflowing with energy and excitement, are divided into four major categories of events: academic, debate, athletic, and social. No, the social competition is not a networking challenge, but rather an interesting (and undoubtedly borderline insane) mix of school spirit, colourful costumes, and at times a strong stomach (just ask one of our four social competitors what exactly is meant by that last point).


Although the results are not as of yet official, the word from some of the competitors is that Sauder placed fifth overall. What is certain are the results for the top three finalists. This year the prairie schools came out on top, with the host school taking the coveted honour of “School of the Year,” followed by Saskatchewan’s Edwards School of Business and Manitoba’s Asper School of Business placing second and third, respectively.


Despite our less than stellar performance overall, our academic three-business-student teams did remarkably well. In the Tax category, Sauder’s Lauren Pughe, Heidi Hargreaves, and Taylor Carter took the top spot. Other honourable mentions include second place in Entrepreneurship, third in marketing, and fourth in Finance. The Debate team suffered an unexpected upset, leading in the first initial rounds only to be out-debated in later showdowns.


If there is one consistent message your correspondent has heard from the competitors when speaking of their experiences, it is the candid praise for the efforts and support from co-chairs Chloe Tarbet and David Huynh. Bringing home the Execs of the Year award, this winning duo have plenty to be proud of.