By: Rosa Jin


Be pleasantly surprized on February 15th!

Whether you’re the next budding Bill Gates, Chip Wilson, or Howard Schultz, or just an average Joe, Enterprize is claiming it has something for everyone. Typically labeled a conference for the “entrepreneurial types”, Enterprize is inviting all of Sauder to come out this year for their one-day flagship conference.


What exactly does Enterprize have to offer those of us whose dreams don’t consist of starting a new company or launching a mobile app? Says Co-president Ernest Fung, “It’s not just simply about starting a business…even in accounting you can be entrepreneurial.” A third year accounting student himself, he notes that the entrepreneurial mindset is universally relevant, as it revolves around “following your passion and [finding] new ways to tackle whatever area you want to go into.”


Despite the fact that what has traditionally been a three-day conference is being compacted into a one-day event, 2014’s rendition of Enterprize promises much of what’s been offered in the past – keynote speakers, mini-workshops, networking, and (of course) food. All the bells and whistles for a Sauder conference can be found in Enterprize 2014.


So what sets Enterprize apart from the rest? The National Business Model Competition, for starters. Since October, teams have been developing their unique business models, receiving priceless mentorship from seasoned professionals, and facing critique and elimination by judges. The competition culminates at the conference, here in Vancouver at The Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, where the top three teams will present to a Dragons’ Den-esque panel of judges, as well as the conference attendees.


Other features to look out for include: interactive and informative workshops, lunch, dinner, a cocktail reception to network with business professionals of various fields, and engaging keynote speakers. This year’s line up consists of Twitter’s Steve Ladurantaye and Target Canada’s Kenya Jackson, with representatives from Tangoo and Shnarped also in attendance.


With this kind of appeal, one might even want to go twice! In fact, Ernest pushes this opportunity, explaining that every speaker and every entrepreneur has a different story – lessons that will surely resonate with delegates. Especially those relating to failure and the determination needed to achieve the goals beyond those obstacles. Perfect for students gearing up for the wave of midterms waiting just around the corner, n’est-ce pas?


With ticket sales in CPA Hall ending February 7th,, don’t miss your chance to attend one of Sauder’s flagship conferences! And if a 5-course dinner at Society Dining Lounge isn’t enough, a night of storytelling might just be what fuels your drive through this semester.