By: Jeffrey Tso


It is unquestionable that the world we live in today is in the midst of an era of globalization. A consultant in Hong Kong may deal with clients in Sydney while reporting to a head office half a world away in New York. Multinational businesses integrate professionals across national, cultural, and language boundaries. Standards in accounting, trade, and finance are increasingly applicable across borders.

This is where Sauder Summit comes in, providing a distinctive opportunity for students to hone their financial skills with competitors across the globe. This case competition will bring the world to Vancouver, giving students insight on different perspectives and a chance to observe high quality case analysis from foreign schools. Twelve teams from Egypt, Denmark, Australia, China, Spain, Thailand, and the United States are due to arrive on March 8 for a week-long competition. Pitted against them for the first round will be four teams of Sauderite representatives.

With an aim to showcase Vancouver, guests will have the opportunity to tour the city, while cases will be based on local companies.

The competition proper will begin on March 10, where Sauder teams will be competing directly against their international counterparts. Contestants will have five hours to complete their case, identifying the problem and providing a solution, before presenting to a panel of judges. The second preliminary round on March 11 will be identical, except that Sauder students will not be officially ranked alongside international teams.

Most anticipated is the 24-hour case, stretching from March 13 to 14, which will decide the outcome of the competition. At 7:00am on Thursday, March 13, competitors will be presented their case in the hotel rooms, with a deadline the following morning. The twelve international teams will present in three separate orders, with the four finalists competing directly against each other for the ultimate prize. Sauder competitors will present in parallel, with a separate panel of judges.

The victors last year brought home Totem Sticks worth up to $1000.

With such a unique opportunity to exercise financial skills, it’s little wonder that the response from both foreign and local participants has been so enthusiastic. The management team for Sauder Summit has been receiving emails from hopeful business schools after the deadline, while the application cut off for Sauderites had to be extended to accommodate for demand.

Beyond the opportunities and prizes, this Sauder Summit Global Case Competition pushes individuals to press themselves to the pinnacle of their abilities, to truly “Live the Summit, Be the Summit.”