What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “real estate”?

Million-dollar Vancouver homes, realtors, and sky-high mortgages?

Let’s take a minute to explore one of our BCom program’s gems – the real estate specialization. The real estate program offers a number of classes providing a qualitative and quantitative outlook into one of BC’s hottest markets.

Staff Writer: Sandra Lin

Why study real estate?

Real estate industry knowledge is vastly applicable to other realms of business.  Real estate is a key topic that will always find its way back into your career regardless of your field. Moreover, for those interested in focusing their degree in real estate, it is paramount to appreciate the limitless possibilities offered within this industry. From appraisal and surveying to property management and financial investments, this market provides a solid platform from which anyone with the right mind can launch their career. Ultimately, the real estate industry forms lucrative career paths that embody the importance of relationship building, project management, and an eye for opportunity.

Some words from commerce students:

Andrew Hutson: As a mature student, I have already travelled the world and worked in many different industries prior to completing my degree. However, having just finished my last term in my fifth year at Sauder with a double specialization in Real Estate and Accounting, I can proudly say that everything in my life has led to this moment – graduation from the best real estate program in Canada. As the current President of the UBC Real Estate Club, I can attest that ambitious and driven students can essentially make a difference in the real estate community and I encourage anyone interested to get their hands dirty and get involved to uncover their full potential.

Stephanie Yeargin: I am a second-year student at the Sauder School of Business intending to specialize in Real Estate with a concentration in sustainability. After reading the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki in high school, I knew that I wanted to be in real estate. The idea of taking something that has major potential and putting in the work to make it a great investment really intrigues me.

What does the real estate option entail?

The real estate option for BCom students consists of five core senior level courses.

Year three topics include appraisal, asset and portfolio management, capital markets and real estate, debt financing, investment analysis, securitization, and real estate in the new economy.

Year four topics include business location, land real estate markets, land use regulation, real estate and government policy, and real estate development.


How to get involved?

Nevertheless, gaining a wholesome grasp on something so dependent on real-life tangibles requires more than in-class learning. The following are various extracurricular opportunities pertaining to the real estate option:

The UBC Real Estate Club holds a number of events targeted towards bridging the gap between students and industry professionals. At the end of semester, they hold their annual flagship event, Industry Night, which is a guaranteed sell-out every year.

The NAIOP Real Estate Challenge is an annual competition that allows BCom students to maximize their potential and use their previous learning to solve real-world problems. In the 2015 challenge, students were tasked with creating a development plan based on a live commercial real estate site in Seattle.

The real estate internship program at Sauder is available to students who have completed COMM 307 and are seeking opportunity during the summer prior to their fourth year of studies. Moreover, the BCom co-op program also includes options in real estate.

Stay tuned for an upcoming article exploring the internal workings of the UBC Real Estate Club, events their team has planned for Term 2, as well as reasons to get involved with the club and the industry!