By Aaron Yeung, Staff Writer


Held throughout the second week of March, the Sauder Summit Global Case Competition 2013 reached new heights of success. This victory is partially because it was the inaugural debut of the event, but little can be taken away from the dedication and hard work of those behind the scenes.


After years of preparation, the competition featured prestigious business schools from across the world: among the twelve schools, spanning over six continents, were the University of Auckland (New Zealand), the Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), the American University in Cairo (Egypt), and the University of Southern California (USA). As one judge candidly noted, the event was “an interesting setup with incredible diversity.” The competitors arrived over the weekend and were taken to an assortment of local hotspots that captured the essence and grandeur of Vancouver. Fortunately, true to the heart of the city, the weather also delivered with beautiful and bountiful rainfall.


The actual competition occurred over the course of three cases. A case study on the Rick Hansen Foundation was featured on the first day, during which competitors, judges, and organizers alike figured out the technicalities of the event. Day two, with gears already in motion, delivered like a smooth machine with a case centered on Sandstorm Mining. With the vice president of the company on hand, teams attempted to identify the best option for Sandstorm Mining’s future. They were met with tough, and at times seemingly unfair, questions that tested their ability to think on the go. These two cases were hosted in the gorgeous Big-Four conference rooms on the ninth floor of Henry Angus and provided the seeding order for the final portion of the competition. The stressed competitors had Thursday off to prepare for the concluding case.


The eventual winners were announced at a beautiful gala. In first place: Chulalongkorn (Thailand); second place: University of Melbourne (Australia); and third place: National University of Singapore (Singapore). The UBC team didn’t qualify for the final round.