By: Linette Ho


Michael C.H. Chan is an embodiment of the 3 P’s: Positive, Professional, and Perseverant. Michael is recognized this month as Sauderite of the Month for his talent in balancing numerous case competitions (8 this semester!), helping students as a TA, and being able to make the most of his final year at Sauder.

Without further ado, meet Michael C.H. Chan!

Who is Michael C.H. Chan?

I’m a 4th year Accounting student. However, I originally wanted to pursue a career in Medicine, but
transferred from Sciences to Sauder in my second year at UBC. The lab life wasn’t for me, and I realized
that I enjoyed meeting and interacting with new people instead. I had an internship at a small local
accounting firm in Hong Kong: very fast paced, learned lots, but not enough time to relax.

What are you involved in?

I’m very involved with case competitions, where I compete and serve as the Finance Director of the Case
Comp Club. I’m also a TA for Comm 290, 293, 294 and a supervisor at UBC TACS.
Interests: storm the wall, exploring scenic hikes, discovering delicious Asian food. Outside of school, I
play the trumpet in a band, Ultimate Frisbee, and I’ve worked as a barista at Starbucks.
Given that you worked at Starbucks, I feel that your favorite drink will resemble your personality.

What is your favorite drink order?

A Half-Sweet Dark Caramel Americano Misto

Half-Sweet, coffee misto: I’m well balanced, just the right amount of sweetness and creaminess 🙂

Dark Caramel: Dark caramel is only offered in the summer, and summer is my favorite season!

What advice can you give to students who want to get involved in case competitions?

Start off small and build your way up. Get involved with your friends and treat these competitions just as
fun events. Besides, going to conferences gets you free business swag!
I started case competitions in my 3rd year, and by the end of the year, I was determined to win one. In
my 4th year, I recruited teammates that would offset my weaknesses. In the end, my team created a
strong bond, and we worked incredibly well with each other.

I’m very tempted to ask, tell us about an embarrassing moment at UBC?

Ha… It was my first day in a Chemistry lecture in my first year at UBC and the professor was introducing
himself and the course outline. He asked if we had any questions. I had a horrible stomach ache that
day, and I raised my hand and asked, “Where is the washroom?”. He replied with a, “That is a very good
question” and pointed me in the general direction. I bolted it out. There is no such thing as a bad question.

What is the most memorable moment during Trek Toronto?

I went to Toronto for the Trek Program in February 2014. We had a few days to explore the city, and I
decided to email Human Resources of Grant Thornton, a leading Canadian Accounting firm. They invited
me to tour the company and to have lunch with them! It was during the Women’s Hockey Olympics
Game, so it was very exciting watching the big game while we cheered and ate pizza.
My advice is to never be afraid to ask. The worst someone can say is “no”.

How do you feel about graduating? What are your plans now? 

Scared, because there’s a lot of uncertainty. However, excited to finally be done!
In the end, the highlight of university career is not about going to classes, but the relationships and
friendships that you create.
My main plan is to go to Toronto for the Masters of Taxation Program.

Finally, what super power would you have?

Teleportation – When I do something, I miss out on something else. If I could be everywhere I could
make use of my life more and decrease opportunity costs! (ha!)

Thank you Michael for a wonderful interview. We wish you the best of luck in your promising future!