By: Linette Ho


A new hub for everything art, video, and music has sprouted from three creative second year students at UBC. Alex Chua, Jason Kim, and Vanessa Lau have put together their ideas and executed their plan to create a company that provides engaging material in support of artists.

After releasing Many Waves Media on October 15th, 2013, they’ve received over 2500 likes on Facebook! We had a chance to ask the creators a few questions.


Cavalier: Who and what is Many Waves Media?

MWM: Many Waves Media is the birth child of our shared passion for creativity, art, and marketing. Our mission is to provide engaging content through video, photography, and text -while also broadcasting, supporting, and marketing media for upcoming artists and performers, organizations, and movements.


Cavalier: How did you come up with the name of your new company?

MWM: Many Waves Media was inspired by the phrase “Many Hands, One Heart”, which is the official motto for the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, which both Alex and Jason (co-founders) are a part of. Many Waves stems from this motto as both members wanted to create something that would utilize the many channels of media and art (audio, visual, etc) and tie it down into one thing; one tide.


Cavalier: Please run me through the story of how Many Waves Media was born.

MWM: One day Jason and Alex were walking and a conversation about the love for videography and art started one of the most spontaneous and important events ever. During their conversation both parties found out they had similar passions and goals and on that spot decided to start Many Waves Media together.


Cavalier: Describe each other in one word

Alex in one word: Child

Vanessa in one word: Eyelashes

Jason in One word: Husband


Cavalier: Where do you see Many Waves Media going?

MWM: We are planning to branch Many Waves Media with a philanthropic event and a clothing line for second semester. We want to be more recognised both on campus and around Vancouver, hopefully even worldwide. We’re really hoping to create content that can give back to the community.


Cavalier: Why do you do what you do?

MWM: Besides driving our love for Media and Marketing, as artist ourselves, we realised that it’s hard for other artists or just generally people with great talent and ideas to find channels to market themselves to their community and the world. We wanted to create a hub where passion and creativity could meet practical tools and solutions to generate exposure.