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The CUStore: Never Born
6 years ago

The CUStore: Never Born

By Riley Chow: If the CUStore was cancelled, what on earth is that thing behind the security desk?

A Case of the Case Comp Blues

By Eva Ko: The BC CMA Case Competition was rough.

Upcoming Speakers

By Lulu Xu: “Hey, I know that guy!”

Time of Uncertainty and Cheap Stocks

By Nikolay Mal’tsev: I will be reporting on the economy every month from now on.

A New Commerce Student Centre

By Riley Chow: Sauder might be getting its own Abdul Ladha.

Your Ticket to Emerging Economies

By Kyna Ng: The International Business Conference sure looks like it will be fun this year!

Sauder Requirements Steady as Provincial Examinations Wane

By Vinicius Cid: BC provincial exams are no longer required, so standardization is no more.

Finance Can Be Funny

By Patrick Yang: Sometimes, finance is lulz.

Candidate Profiles

By Brian Handoyo: What will the winners do? What would the unsuccessful candidates have done if they had won? Who took to the Internet to campaign?

How Not to Become a Banker

By Patrick Yang: I have much to share with the younger Sauder students so that they may avoid my fate.

September Festivites

By Miya Gu: Imagine Day broke the Guinness World Record for most simultaneous high fives.