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Vancouver Goes Vintage

By Kyna Ng: As I descended the stairs of True Value Vintage, I was transported into another era, or even world

An Overview of Credit and Interest Rate Derivative Products

By: Adam Dean

In last month’s issue I went over the process of mortgage securitization. Once these and other fixed income securities are created, there are a variety of ways …
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Magic Really Exists – Thanks to Mercedes-Benz!

By: Jinn-Erik Soo-Tveita

As much as we want Hogwarts to actually exist, the closest to magic we’ll ever get to experience is technology developed by Mercedes-Benz called – prepare for …
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Twenty-Five Billion Dollars, Two Lawsuits, One Phenomenal Idea: The Story Behind Facebook

By: Anita Chang

“You don’t get 500 million friends without making a few enemies…”
 -The Social Network

A movie about Facebook; surprisingly, when I initially viewed the trailer, I had …
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Travel: Through History and Around the World

By: Anita Chang

In the world we live in, there are seven continents, around 195 countries, and over 4000 cities. Vacationing is on everyone’s mind. The question that remains is: …
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What I Didn’t Do This Summer

By Emma Miller

After your last exam is over and it’s finally time for a long break, you begin to think of all the things you can do now that …
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A Glowing W: Business Meets the Downtown Eastside

A team from the Cavalier visited the downtown eastside to investigate what issues face the neighbourhood and what we can do to help.

Monopoly Tips and Tricks

By Nicole Fisher

Monopoly is a classic board game full of competitive spirit. It challenges a player’s resourcefulness at threat of falling bankrupt and any respectable Monopoly player should be …
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Goodbye Old Henry Angus

By William Wijaya

And now the Sun had stretch’d out all the hills, And now was dropt into the Western bay; At last he rose, and twitch’d his Mantle blew: …
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Top 5 Ridiculous Rock Videos

To go along with our new rockin’ rock issue, here’s a list of the top 5 ridiculous rock videos – take a break and check them out.

Rockers have a …
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