Because the courses themselves aren’t stressful enough.

Staff Writer: Amanda Bamford

  1. I got my main worklist, a backup worklist, and a backup for my backup. Hand-picked all my profs, designated times to nap in the CLC—this is good.
  2. Double option here I come!
  3. Or is it a minor?
  4. This is my year! No more 8 am classes for me!
  5. And no Thursday classes—#PitNight—either. No way.
  6. Ten minutes left until my registration opens, better not do anything until then in case I get distracted.
  7. It’ll be fine, they know how many people are in the program. I’m guaranteed to get all the courses I need.
  8. *Frantically refreshes the SSC*
  9. I wonder if my friends got into their classes. I’ll shoot them a message…
  10. *Gets distracted by a BuzzFeed video on Facebook*
  11. Time: 11:04 am
  12. Registration time: 11:00 am
  13. … NO.
  14. *Panicked refreshing of the SSC*  (but of course it’s taking an actual eon to load)
  15. Come on UBCSecure!
  16. #UBCInsecure
  17. I choose you! Worklist 1!
  18. “Successfully registered for that random elective.” NICE.
  19. I get school credit for drinking wine? Yes. (This is Wine Science if anyone is asking.)
  20. “Unable to register for those required courses you need for your option and graduation.” NO.  
  21. *More Internet lag*
  22. Why are all the sections full?
  23. Why are there 50 seats if 150 people require this course?
  24. Will one please open up?
  25. I don’t even care how poorly the professor is rated, just give me something!
  26. I’ll even take an 8 am class at this point!
  27. Or one of those Monday/Friday classes. *Cringes*
  28. *Ten minutes of refreshing and registering for anything that opens up*
  29. Okay, I managed to get almost all the courses I need.  
  30. The times aren’t that bad… not great either, but eh.
  31. *Stares at timetable*
  32. *Squints at timetable*
  33. Yeah. I can make this work. Maybe.
  34. I heard there’s a service that texts you when a spot opens up. I should use that and then I’ll get all the courses and sections on my original worklist. I’m so smart.
  35. *Googles*
  36. Wait… I have to pay money for that?
  37. I have to pay money to get a notification for a course that I have to pay more money for.
  38. I know I’m a commerce student and this is literally how capitalism works, but really?
  39. *Opens PayPal*
  40. So much for that double option.
  41. I’m starting to see why people do five years.
  42. #fiveisthenewfour