“Tips, Tricks, & DIYs from a not-so-adult twenty-something”


Staff Writer: Kimberly Wong


It’s the start of summer and you’ve long forgotten about your New Year’s resolutions. What a perfect time to set some new goals that will help you become the best “you” you can be. Too cheesy? Thought so. Serious business though, take this opportunity to start taking better care of yourself and spend “me” time. Here are some things I’ve been attempting as I’ve been thrown into adulthood:


1 Have you tried meditating?

I’ve heard about the benefits of meditation, but never tried because I didn’t know what to do. Do I just sit there? And for how long? Since then, friends have recommended the app, Headspace. It starts with a 10-day program which helps you build the foundation for mindfulness and meditation. Each session is only 10 minutes long, so it’s easy to add into your daily routine – although I wouldn’t recommend doing yours before bed, because when I did that I almost fell asleep! You can also purchase programs to focus on topics such as anxiety, self-esteem, creativity, and relationships. Learn more at www.headspace.com.


2 How about hiking?

Take advantage of the one season we have that isn’t entirely rainy.Tourists come from all over the world to hike Vancouver’s beautiful trails. You’ve already fought half the battle just by being here! Start off with something simple like Quarry Rock (North Vancouver), Lighthouse Park (West Vancouver), or part of the Baden-Powell Trail (North Vancouver). Eventually, you might find yourself hooked and climbing more difficult trails like the Grouse Grind (North Vancouver), the Stawamus Chief (Squamish), or the Sea to Summit (Squamish). Bonus points if your friends or relatives are visiting Vancouver and you get them to go with you! Find more trails here: https://www.vancouvertrails.com/.


3 Don’t forget about eating (healthily).

You know this one already. I’m not exactly a role model in the healthy-eating department (pizza exists), but I’m working on it. Treat yourself with some healthy eats! I also suggest that you make friends with someone in HeWe or Sprouts.


4 Go for a solo walk in the rain.

Before you go, make sure that you have an umbrella, a coat, and some decently waterproof shoes. A solo walk in the rain is like a really long shower – it’s the perfect time for reflection, thinking up new ideas, or setting goals (and I guess the sound of the rain can drown out your professional shower-singer voice…pun totally intended). If you’re still not convinced, there are going to be weeks where you think the rain is never-ending and you’ll be forced to walk beneath it anyway. Try reflecting, brainstorming, or goal-setting, and you may be able to use the time more effectively.





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