By: Olivia Yu


Harvard Business School; Kellogg School of Management; Richard Ivey School of Business: these are amongst the best business schools in the world. Although Sauder is constantly gaining ground to reach the top tier, its West Coast location makes it harder for students to be noticed by recruiters based in the East Coast – particularly when it comes to a career in consulting. While consulting recruiters regularly frequent other top-tier Canadian business schools, they overlook our West Coast talent.

Enter the Strategy Consulting Mentorship Program. SCMP, introduced in 2007, is a game-changer for Sauder students looking to break into the lucrative consulting industry.

The primary aim of the program is to mentor students on the path to a career in strategic consulting, through various methods such as personalized resume feedback, comprehensive interview preparation and a mock interview with a strategy consultant at the end of the program. Program participants attend lectures, bootcamps, and practice interviews throughout the summer. Students are also expected to devote at least 200 hours of individual work practicing case interviews.

The most valuable aspect of the program, however, is the opportunity participants have to network and train with successful SCMP alumni who currently work in some of the world’s most prestigious consulting firms. Firms involved in past years include McKinsey, Bain, and The Boston Consulting Group, among others.  By establishing and fostering relationships, SCMP enables students to connect with practicing consultants while strengthening Sauder’s brand among the firms.

At the end of SCMP, all participants complete a mock interview which simulates a real interview. Students who successfully pass the mock interview are guaranteed a first-round interview with each of the SCMP partner firms – an unparalleled opportunity in any other university. The program boasts a rich history of success, helping over 30 alumni to land the job of their dreams in strategic consulting.

But the program doesn’t just change the game – it drastically changes the students’ lives.

Dan, a successful alumnus of the program and leading recruiter for undergraduates this year,  describes the program as a “life changing experience”.

Among the numerous benefits of the program, Dan highlights the development of analytical and problem-solving skills as the most important. The SCMP brings together a vast array of resources to prepare students for case interviews and consulting work, an area which most Sauder students would otherwise have minimal exposure to. “The program takes your ability to analyze problems and determine a course of action to a whole new level,” says Dan. Another major takeaway for him was the chance to build his network with and learn from successful consultants in the field. Evidently, the program has a lot to offer.

Admittance to the program is, therefore, understandably competitive, with an average 50% acceptance rate. The program does not have a set limit for the number of participants, although each year the program consists of approximately 40 students.

Applicants should have an 80% overall average, and an 85% average for quantitative courses. Dan emphasizes that, although consulting firms value strong academic performance, these figures serve as guidelines rather than cutoffs.

Based on his personal experience, in order to truly succeed at the program, students should dedicate around 300 hours to the program. Ultimately, those who contribute more effort are more likely to succeed in the program. While the workload is intense, it is entirely manageable to balance SCMP with a full time job, summer courses or extracurricular activities.

In fact, extracurricular activities are actually encouraged; students applying to the program should be well-rounded in more aspects than just academics. Dan’s final piece of advice to students? “Just be involved, and constantly seek different opportunities and experiences.”


SCMP is open to current second-year, third-year and MBA students.
BCom Application Deadline: March 3, 2014 at 11:59 pm

MBA Application Deadline: March 17, 2014 at 11:59 pm

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