By Abby Naan, Sauder Health and Wellness


You’ve probably made a plethora of New Year’s resolutions, many of which likely involve your health and are notorious for being broken by – well, by about now. Here are some of Sauder Health and Wellness’s simple ideas that can be incorporated into your daily life to help you be healthy and live well in 2013.


First: smile. At some point, you’ve all had someone offer you a friendly smile, and it is amazing how such a small gesture can turn one’s day around. Further, the idea that you have the ability to positively affect someone else is a nice feeling to carry around with you for the rest of your day. If you want, try smiling right now. Do it. Smile. You feel better already, right? And if you find that smiles simply aren’t easy for you, try finding something – an activity, person, or even place – that induces a grin or giggle. For me, it’s this picture:


Second: put some colour on your plate. A helpful reminder to maintain healthy eating habits is to make each of your meals as visually appealing as possible; fruits and vegetables tend to be the most vibrant options.


Third: take the stairs. When there is the option to shun the escalator or elevator for less hi-tech but equally functional stairs, do so. Think of it this way: you’re lucky to have working legs; you should use them. In the Henry Angus building specifically, situations might arise that tempt you to use the elevator, but consider these points:


  • Yes, you might be running late for class, but taking the stairs is unlikely to make you much later. You probably wasted a lot of time waiting for the elevator to arrive anyways.
  • Yes, the main stairwell in HA can be (over)crowded, but have you ever thought of trekking to the stairs on the other side of the building? Also, the elevator will be just as crowded. Furthermore, if you don’t take the stairs during high-traffic times, you will miss out on singing Ludacris’s musical masterpiece “Move B***h” (silently in your head) as you manoeuver around fellow stair-climbers. This is probably one of the most rewarding experiences ever, so you owe it to yourself to take the stairs.


Lastly, Sauder Health and Wellness is excited to announce that it will be holding a health and wellness fair on February 13th in the CA hall. Stop by the booths to learn more about how you can live healthy and be well here at UBC.


Have a happy term. Keep going. Much love,

Sauder Health and Wellness