By: Wendy Vaz

Back to school again! Whether you are in your second term in Sauder, or your fifth, or sixth, or final term, you will always meet new friends or classmates as you enter the classroom for your new courses. Have you ever wondered, “What kind of new friends am I going to meet this term?” Hmm… We all hate stereotyping, but sometimes they are just so accurate we have to give it up

to them. This is a list of 5 main stereotypes we can get in Sauder, you might have already met some of them, or you might even be one of them. Check out the list, because then you will be able to identify your classmates as you enter the classroom today!

Disclaimer: This is a just-for-fun list made up for entertainment purposes, the writer and The Cavalier have no intentions in imposing or encouraging stereotypes.

  1. The Always Busy, Popular Kid. This person is what students from other faculty picture as a “typical Sauderite.” Loud, outgoing, always dressed in business suits, very involved in business clubs or student bodies, in a sorority or fraternity, and holds an internship with a large accounting or finance firm. This person has more than 500 connections on Linkedin and is well-known among the Sauder community. It is cool if you get to know them, because they are the popular kids with great connections. However, if you have to work on a group project with them – good luck, because you will never find a proper time to meet up since they are busy 24/7.
  2. The Know-It-AllAh. Everyone knows this person too! They usually sit at the front row of the class. Whether it’s asking a question or answering a question, they are always the first to put their hands up in the air. Sometimes it is great to have them, since they will be asking questions on our behalf. However, when they put up their hands 2 minutes before your class ends, or when they start to argue with professors about certain facts, we feel like killing them for wasting our time. The Know-It-All usually has really good grades too; you would often hear them talking about their grades, and exclaiming how disappointed they are because they got 80s.
  3. The Phantom. Who is this person? Ah, you will never know until you meet one. This person never attends classes, or is always quietly hiding behind his or her laptop during classes. You will not know their existence until the day you are assigned to be group mates with them. If you are lucky, they might be really nice to work with, quietly contributing really smart ideas to the group project; but if you’re unlucky, these phantoms will also be invisible to your group project, not contributing any good ideas but creating more work for you.
  4. The Eye Candy. The very good looking people in class. These people are the ones who add colors onto our daily lectures. They are our motivation when we are lazy to get to classes, our distraction when the lectures get boring. We get excited when this person enters the lecture hall, whether by themselves or with their friends. It is a plus point if this person actively participates in classes, or even better, is the professor him/herself, because then we get to enjoy the view without being creepy.
  5. The Silent Killer. The ones that distracts us from focusing in class, not because they are good looking, but because they are being silently selfish and inconsiderate. We are not talking about those who talk loudly in class or ask questions all the time, but the ones who watch videos, play video games, shake their legs or eat fast food when the lecture is going on. While they might be doing these things on their own and not explicitly affecting us, it’s still annoying and distracting to know that they can get away with playing league or watching a cat video in class.

While we might love or hate to know these different kinds of Sauderites from our classes, keep in mind that they are the ones who form our journey in Sauder. Our group projects, our grades, our experiences wouldn’t be the same without them. So we might as well cherish our moments with them while you struggle through the term. Have a great term ahead Sauder! : )