Feel like giving back to the local community? Have a passion for certain charities or organizations? Want to get involved in something outside of Sauder? Volunteering is a great way to pass the time during your free summer days – and throughout the year – while doing something meaningful. Here are a few opportunities that will teach you about how different institutions operate, and  provide you with an excellent opportunity to meet new people with different passions and interests.

Staff Writer: Rachael Chan

Short-Term Commitments

For the casual philanthropist

The Canadian Mental Health Association

For the busy people who want to check out a  commitment, the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) constantly recruits volunteers for community events. The CMHA actively helps with the reintegration, recovery, and support of local individuals with mental illnesses. Additionally, they focus on weakening the stigma surrounding mental illnesses. By increasing its available services, the CMHA has improved the lives of many and has become the (self-proclaimed) “nationwide leader and champion for mental health.” Volunteering for the CMHA can take many forms, such as helping out at community runs and walks, promoting mental wellness at health fairs, and performing various tasks at local thrift shops.


Throughout-the-Year Commitments:

For the regular philanthropist

The Canadian Red Cross

The Red Cross is a well-known international organization that specializes in helping those in need during natural disasters. In addition to helping reconnect separated families, volunteers at the Red Cross provide distressed communities with supplies such as food, water, shelter, assistive medical equipment, and emergency transportation. To top all of this, volunteers regularly conduct swimming lessons, train people for CPR and First Aid, and hold violence and abuse prevention workshops throughout Canada. Check out their website to find various volunteer jobs across Canada that are surprisingly applicable to most Sauder Students. Jobs such as Finance and Administration Team Leaders and Administrative Assistants are available to individuals with requirements that fit the average Sauderite. This is a great way to learn and develop your business skills while giving back to others.


The Greater Vancouver Food Bank

Volunteering at The Greater Vancouver Food Bank can be a great way to broaden your range of experiences beyond the business realm. The Greater Vancouver Food Bank focuses on maintaining food quality, providing food literacy, and ensuring food access throughout the Vancouver community. Volunteers at the Food Bank accomplish this by running community kitchens, collaborating with experts in nutrition and health, and  listening to feedback received from members of the community. With volunteer positions ranging from assisting at fun community events to sorting and distributing food donations, you can learn a lot about how the Food Bank works while making new friends from all over Vancouver.  


The AMS Volunteer Match

For those looking for a more specific volunteer placement, the AMS offers free consultation service to all UBC students. It’s called Volunteer Match, and it matches students with positions that will teach them career-specific skills.  Located in Nest 3107K, the Volunteer Match team will help you get the most out of your volunteering experience.



PC: http://www.sonl.ca/get-involved/volunteers/