By Konrad Philip, Staff Writer



Whether you are a “resolutioner” with a newly acquired gym membership or a health nut getting back into your routine after a turkey-filled holiday, there is no excuse for bad manners while working out. Since exercising is hard enough, here are some simple tips on gym etiquette.


How to break it down:      

Despite what the loud music, DJ booth, and women dressed in spandex might suggest, your gym is not a nightclub; the weightlifting bench is not your VIP booth. If you choose to take breaks during your workout, let others use the equipment while you take a walk or sit down elsewhere.


Keeping it clean:

Sharing equipment can get messy. Always disinfect equipment after use (by spraying the disinfectant on a TOWEL). Also, keep things tidy by returning all workout paraphernalia – dumbbells, mats, etc. – to their proper place.


No-phone zone:

You want big biceps, not bigger vocal cords, so leave your cellphone behind when working out. This rule also applies to the locker room, since nobody feels comfortable barely clothed when there are strangers with camera phones around.


In the locker room:

The locker room is not your personal dressing room, so be careful not to hog too much space when it is busy. Before you leave, don’t forget to throw your towels in the laundry bin and take home or return your water bottle.

Offering advice:

Even if your inner fitness coach cringes at a fellow gym-goer’s technique, it is not polite to offer unsolicited advice to someone. Besides hurting his or her ego, it may also result in injury if your pointers aren’t appropriate for the other person. If you’re genuinely concerned, alert a trainer who can offer professional advice and perhaps even gain a new client in the process.

Made it to the end without breaking a sweat? Don’t feel too good about yourself: that was the easy part!


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