By Konrad Kobielewski, Columnist


Remedying that awkward moment when…you don’t know what to wear.

Sauderites tend to think of ourselves as slightly better different compared to the rest of UBC. We think in unique ways, make classmates endure interviews just to join our clubs, and consider The Wall Street Journal recreational reading material. Now I know what you’re thinking: how does one dress for such activities in a casual commerce environment? While there is no official dress code at Sauder, looking your best is as important in business school as it is in the business world.


“Sauder ’n Proper” – Despite what you may have heard, you won’t be stuck sporting a suit and tie to class for the next four years. However, you will still be expected to change out of your pajamas in the morning. A convenient way of considering outfit options is to dress in your best high school clothes. For those who wore uniforms pre-university, this implies some combination of the following: nice jeans, khakis, skirts (long or short); button downs, sweaters, cardigans, polo shirts, plain t-shirts; clean sneakers, loafers, nice sandals


Entrepreneurial types can create a more corporate look by replacing a backpack with an over-the-shoulder briefcase or attractive portfolio. Preferably, refrain from wearing flip flops, tattered or dirty clothes, ball caps in class, or offensive t-shirts.


Business Casual – Most in-class presentations and club interviews require some formality. For guys, this means an unwrinkled dress shirt and slacks or khakis with leather shoes and a matching belt. Blazers and ties are optional but always advisable. For girls, recommended attire possibilities include sweaters, blouses, open-collared shirts, knee-length skirts, khakis, or slacks. Wear solid colors and avoid becoming a walking garage sale; keep jewelry and accessories to a minimum.


In addition to clothing, don’t underestimate the importance of proper grooming and hygiene. Also remember to limit fragrances, especially the ever-popular but universally dreaded “BO Collection.”


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