By Pam Yuen, Editor-in-Chief

Hey Sauder! (Hey what?) I know what all of you are thinking – is it September already? Well yessir, it is! Welcome to another great year at Sauder. If this is your first year here, get ready for the most exciting year of your university life! There is so much happening on campus, it’ll do you some good to just sit down, relax, and read the Cav!

You might have noticed that most of your commerce classes have been shifted from Henry Angus to that building we call Swing. Did you know that Swing Space was created so that when a building is under construction on campus, all the students can just “swing” in and out of the space for classes as needed? Good thinking, UBC! It’s going to be quite the difficult year, being educated without the glistening glass walls, our precious DLAM library and of course, the ‘open doors’ everywhere. (FYI: Sauder’s logo is an open door.)

If you’re wondering where the Cavalier will be during this temporary transition – we’re going to be everywhere! Don’t you worry your pretty little heads! The Cav team will work extra hard to get you the news when you need it! And if we fail to do so sometime down the road, you will be able to find every issue on our blog at!

So what will you be able to look forward to in the Cavalier this year? We will be focusing more on YOU. Each and every single member of the Cav team will be out and about, getting YOUR thoughts and opinions on issues that matter to students. We’re looking to make students local celebrities by getting all those beautiful Sauder faces in the newspaper! We’ll be doing the usual as well: conference coverage, media reviews, election coverage, etc. We will be taking advantage of the Cavalier blog to publish more timely stories that you can’t wait several weeks to read! Get ready to read, Sauder! One issue will be published every month this school year – except during that nasty, stressful, sweatpant-inducing period we call finals.

Now let me introduce you to the fabulous “Cav” Editorial Team – Adam, Albert, Anna, Catherine, and Kristen! Our photos are in this issue, so be sure to say hi if you ever see us around! We are all dedicated to making the Cavalier better than ever, and what better way to do that than interacting with our loyal readers?! We are also joined by equally wonderful writers who have picked their brains endlessly to deliver you interesting, thought-provoking articles to read! If you would like to be a part of the Cavalier writing team or just want to get your word out about Sauder, please email me at My name’s Pam and I am honoured to be your Editor!