Maximizing returns on your BCom investment with Jasmine Chan

A secret guide from Sauder’s super role model

By Iugene Ma, Staff Writer

Quickfire with Jasmine

  • Favourite sport: Basketball
  • Favourite food: Noodles
  • Favourite colour: Light Blue
  • Uncommon but good place to eat: Bob’s Thai Food on Broadway
  • Secret superpower desire: Teleportation
  • Next travel desire: Backpacking Southeast Asia
  • Your role model: My Mom
  • Book recommendation: Daring Greatly by Brené Brown
  • Desired retirement age: 60


Specializing in Accounting and Finance, Jasmine Chan’s success story is for everyone to look up to. Her diverse involvement and accomplishments with each endeavour she engages in epitomizes what a Sauder School of Business graduate should strive for every day. She is diligent and personable and the people around her reward her with countless opportunities and seek to develop a network with her. Always carrying her hardworking attitude, Jasmine was selected by the university to represent our faculty at a luncheon with UBC President Arvind Gupta. The event aimed at fostering connections between the university and extensive alumni network that seeks to recruit and mentor current students. This month we are celebrating Jasmine as the next top alumna because of her well-rounded experiences and motivated mind-set at the Sauder School of Business.

Jasmine admits that she was nervous about public speaking upon entering university but she knew that studying in a business school required her to improve herself and she actively looked for different opportunities to mitigate this obstacle. The secret perhaps was to not face the issue head on and feel intimidated. In fact, she prioritized finding healthy and long lasting relationships among peers and business professionals. Undoubtedly, this strategy helped her find the confidence and tools to overcome this weakness.

JDC Best

Jasmine knew that if she wanted to find connections and success, she had to start right away in first year. She was recruited to the JDC West program onto the athletic team and never looked back. Discovering a natural fit with the organization, she returned to co-captain the portfolio to mentor new participants and develop deeper connections with students who will become her business network. After two years in athletics, Jasmine was motivated to challenge herself and tried out for the Finance team, impressing all the judges and coaches along the way.

She had never competed in case competitions before, but demonstrated genuine passion to learn a new skill set. The most exciting part of her transformation through the Academic portfolio was going through very tough simulated cases although she credits her skill development to the support of the in-house coaches. Her training journey was five months long and each week, the coaches helped her gradually make notable improvements in technical and fundamental analysis which included building more impactful PowerPoint presentations and integrating Excel modelling with more comprehensive variables to stretch her critical analysis.

Everything paid off this past month at the annual competition, held in Victoria this year. She worked in a team of three Sauder students to become the winning Finance Team. She is very interested to stay on board and will contemplate developing her participation in depth with the teams she has been with and the breadth of other portfolios of the organization.

Work Hard

Jasmine is very motivated to achieve as much as she can while a student. If she is not working, she participates in healthy activity and is always ready for the next challenge. Jasmine is academically talented and street smart and she does not give herself enough credit in either skill set. She lets her performance and results speak for themselves. While studying hard, she actively seeks employment in the finance industry and landed a summer opportunity in 2014 with Richardson GMP, a wealth management firm. She conducts research and works close with fund managers with portfolio worth hundreds of millions. Jasmine was able to lock in her experience locally by continually working part-time to stay on top of business news and how the markets are moving to make her studies relevant.

Even this type of industry involvement was not enough for her. She advises students to apply everywhere to seek diverse experiences. Before embarking on her financial work experience, Jasmine’s hard work was rewarded with an opportunity to participate in KPMG’s Executive Look program for young budding professionals. Impressing recruiters and firm representatives from Vancouver to Toronto, Jasmine will be spending her upcoming summer interning with KPMG, rotating through the service lines so that she can better understand the learning opportunities. In addition to already qualifying for the Canadian Securities license, Jasmine seeks to reflect on her accounting internship with the ultimate aim of becoming a full-fledged CPA student upon graduation. Her opportunities are endless!

Play Hard

At Executive Look, Jasmine’s travel was pampered with exciting views and tours. More importantly, she just loves to travel. She has signed on to go on exchange to Australia and already knows what she experiences to seek. Her research has helped her decide that she really fits with the Sydney lifestyle and due to its profile as a financial hub, she will actively seek new international connections that just might come in handy one day. If not, she will meet people and go to events that she would have never thought of coming across.

She also wants to explore the cultural environment and go on outdoor adventures. This type of personality stemmed from her experience with the Duke of Edinburgh Award Program. She achieved the Gold Level Award by participating on lengthy hiking trips to build character and survival skills. If she is not travelling, Jasmine can be seen snowboarding, bouldering, paddle boarding, or doing something new and exciting whenever she can.

Chan Family SOTM

Jasmine and her family

Giving Back

Jasmine is a role model for all students in Sauder, whether she knows it or not, and admits it or not. She is too humble, but she wants to be the best; she wants to build connections, work hard and play hard. Jasmine applies her acquired skills in public speaking, accounting and industry work experience into the classroom as a Teaching Assistant for COMM 293 and COMM 294. Both are accounting courses but have very different learning experiences. Jasmine is actively going over problem based concepts to cover material more engagingly and immediately provides students with feedback by moving around the classroom in addition to office hour consultations.

She finds her effort in teaching very rewarding when she is able to help students understand a concept because not all students are equally interested or strong in accounting. She feels that she can give back more tangibly in her role as a peer who the struggling student can approach. She can also offer help to students who do not need as much help in accounting theory by spending time sharing her recruiting experience to students interested in the accounting specialization.


Jasmine would like to leave some simple advice for our readers. While recruiting with any firm, get to know as many professionals as you can and get to know the culture because you and them will be working alongside every day. Take the time to listen and learn about yourself, your friends, family and mentors. Reflect on what you want in life, your values and your priorities, only then will they align with your career path.

Create experiences outside academics. Surround yourself with likeminded people who inspire you to be the best that you can be, and aspire to do the same for others. These four years are designed for you to achieve development and growth. Be mindful about your BCom career and do not get too hung up on finding employment. Do what makes you happy and passionate, and trust that everything else will fall into place.