Our first couple that we feature in the Sauder in Love special is Jeff and Grace. Jeff is in Chemical Engineering and Grace is in Commerce. We asked them a couple questions about each other!


1. How did you two meet?

Jeff: So I walked into the church café, looking for some friends to chill, when BAM!!! I saw my buddy talking to a fiiiine young lady. She looked so elegant and put-together, so I went over there to “talk to my friend”. We exchanged numbers that day. 😉

Grace: We met at our church’s cafeteria through a mutual friend. I guess he was cute. I liked his dimples.


2. Favourite thing about each other?

Grace: His authentic humour and ability to make me laugh in all situations!

Jeff: My favourite thing about Grace is that she is really so driven and can go anywhere she wants to and do anything she pleases, but chooses to be with me :]


3. What’s the difference between Engineering and Commerce students?

Jeff: Engineers wear practical shoes. Sauderites like giving oral presentations.

Grace: He has a favourite math equation. It’s “Euler’s Identity.” I’m not even sure what it means.


4. Describe each other in 3 words

Grace: Considerate, Caring, Calm

Jeff: Peppy, persnickety, perfect


5. What is the most memorable moment of each other?

Grace: When I was really sick one time, he tried to make me soup and nurse me back to health. While the soup was cooking, he came to my bedside to keep me company and force me to drink herbal Chinese medicine. He ended up staying with me for so long that the soup turned into stew. Despite that, he’s still a very good caretaker and an adequate cook.

Jeff: I remember when we had first met it was during the summer and I was volunteering at a kid’s day camp. One day she came to visit me on a whim just because she was in the area and then afterwards we went avocado shopping with her cousin. I kept the drawing she made of me that day during craft-time and now it’s in our cheesy scrapbook.