We end our Sauder in Love series with Jessie & Curtis. Happy Valentine’s Day and have a fantastic Reading Break Sauder!

10970124_10152759110618983_706100301_o1. How did you two meet?

Jessie: High school…although I was apparently very “oblivious” to everything, and we officially rekindled at a mutual friend’s birthday dinner in first year university.

Curtis: High School. Only took four years of hints for her to notice I liked her.

10988649_10152759114818983_1206687284_o2. Favorite thing about each other

Jessie: He is caring and always puts me first. When I am with him, I feel like I can do anything and everything, and he will always be there for me.

Curtis: Her optimistic personality and the atmosphere she creates. She’s always a joy to be around, and makes best out of every situation.

10965257_10152759110628983_1802960149_o3. What animal resembles each other?

Jessie: A big cozy bear—hugging him is like hugging a teddy bear.

Curtis: Panda/koala hybrid. She often refuses to walk from place to place, but she’s fine with me carrying her like a panda. Once her desired destination is reached, which is most often a bed or couch, she sleeps like a panda and rejects the idea of getting up.

10960994_10152759110588983_1335256040_o4. Describe him/her in 3 words

Jessie: Compassionate, considerate, loving.

Curtis: Supportive, loving, adorable

10967834_10152759114633983_965323662_n5. What is the most memorable moment of each other?

Jessie: When he tried to make me steak dinner on Valentine’s Day and the steak tasted like fish because his dad was making salmon on the BBQ right before. Lol.

Curtis: When I asked her to be my girlfriend. Her response was, “okay fine.”