Continuing on the Sauder In Love spree – Introducing our second couple, Joseph & Shona!


1. How did you two meet? 

S: I knew he was trouble when he walked in, but he had that James Dean day dream look in his eyes and I had that red lip classic thing that he liked. (Just kidding. I thought he was creepy.)

J: We met at the HKSA Freshman Kickoff in September. During one of the more touchy-feely activities, I asked her to be my partner only to be rejected. That was our first encounter. Luckily I only had to get rejected 100+ more times before she finally agreed to talk to me.

2. Favorite thing about each other

S: He remembers my coffee order and gets it right every time. #starbuckslover

J:  Hmm.. this is a tough one, I don’t think there are many options to choose from. Just kidding. I have to say one of my favourite things about her is how she appreciates all of my lame jokes. Normally people think my jokes are inappropriate and/or get offended, but she laughs at them with me occasionally, which is nice.

3. What animal resembles the other person and why?

S: Platypus. Like, is he a bird or is he a mammal (or is he both)? It’s just super confusing and he’s a confusing person.

J: Definitely sloth. She puts consecutive alarms 3 minutes apart starting from 7:15AM and somehow still doesn’t get up until 8:55AM…

4. Describe each other in 3 words

S: Humble. Caring. Driven.

J: Outta my league.

5. What is the most memorable moment of each other?

S: I loved the time we brought our sisters out to dinner with us to WhiteSpot. We shared milkshakes and went to Menchies after, it was pretty adorable.

J: That time she went to Hawaii for a week. I missed her and we spent almost 2 hours Facetiming each other every night.

6. Main difference between Arts and Sauder students

S:Coffee machines and fountains.

J: High school grades.