We’re at the halfway point of the Sauder in Love series. Here is our next couple, Rachel and Yukuan!


1. How did you two meet?

Rachel: Oh my goodness, Yukuan and I go way back!  Babe, how long has it been?

Yukuan: Let’s see… We started talking on Facebook in 2012.  Wow, it’s been over three years and a bit already.

Rachel: Oh I remember!  Back then, I saw your pictures on Facebook because we had mutual friends.  At first I thought you were a celebrity haha!  Then I saw a picture of you dressed like a girl and I saw that as a chance to talk to you.

Yukuan: Ahh…  I remember that the first thing you said to me jokingly saying that you thought I was actually a girl. And it took off from there.

2. Favorite thing about each other

Yukuan: It’s crazy, but we’re pretty much the same person.

Rachel: A lot of our friends have been telling us that we’re the male / female version of each other!  At the beginning I didn’t believe them, but the more we got to know each other, the more we see ourselves in one another.

Yukuan: Other than that, my favorite thing about Rachel is how different she is compared to most people I know. She actually points out things that bother her rather than just bottling it up and eventually explode. I think that’s what makes this relationship so amazing.

Rachel: Aww babe!  My favorite thing about Yukuan is how genuine he is. He is someone that I can count on to give me honest opinions and feedbacks no matter what the situation is like.  I still remember during one of our first dates I asked him what he thought about the way I did my makeup, and he had the guts to point out that my eyeliner was off. I was frustrated for a minute, and then I realized that he is different and I really admire his honesty.

3. What animal resembles each other?

Rachel: Yukuan often reminds me of a fox. He is sharp minded and is great at thinking on his feet.

Yukuan: If there’s an animal that is a crossbreed of a dolphin and eagle, that’s what Rachel. A dolphin is intelligent and playful while an eagle is prideful and always flying to new heights.

4. Describe each other in 3 words

Yukuan: Rachel is ambitious, down-to-earth, and friendly.

Rachel: Yukuan is caring, genuine, and intelligent.

5. What is the most memorable moment of each other?

Rachel: My most memorable moment of Yukuan would be when he surprised me with flowers outside of my Commerce 291 class!  I had no idea that he was going to be at the door waiting.  When I got the flowers, I has the biggest and silliest looking grin on and I asked him, “Why do I get flowers?” His reply was, “Just because.”

Yukuan: Most memorable memory of Rachel would be when I was in a bad mood, she surprised me at McDonalds after saying she’s gonna stay at home and do homework. I thought that is was super sweet and it showed me that she really cares. I think that’s what I cherish the most about her being her – she actually cares enough to go out of her way just to make me smile.