Meet Me Inc. Conference Co-Chairs, Alice Wo and Allison Lee. Together, they are the epitome of Co-Chair love.

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How did you two meet?

Alice: Allison and I technically met at our first meeting, but to be honest, we hadn’t had a proper conversation until the day of the Me Inc. conference. I remember that day we both left early to write a killer Econ midterm and since we were both underage, we couldn’t go to the Me Inc. After Party. Regardless, I decided to get glammed up and she waited for 2 hours as I curled my hair and did my make up. In the end, we did late night crêpes, but at least I looked good eating them.

Allison: Alice likes to pretend that we had a tragic “star-crossed lovers” story where we “spent a year together but never truly laid eyes on each other until the last day.” While this holds a certain amount of accuracy, I just like to think that it’s not a “love at first sight” situation between us but more of a relationship that unconsciously built over time. If we consider the failed Me Inc. After Party attempt as our first date, then she made me wait 3.5 hours that night (she forgot the 1 hour of showering and 0.5 hour of walking out to the bus loop BY VANIER).

What was your first impression of the other person?

Alice: At the first Me Inc. meeting, Allison was wearing a leather jacket, combat boots and something with leopard print, and had a mean-looking cat-eye. This led me to believe that she was an aggressive feline, so I rarely approached her.

Allison: To be very honest, I creeped everyone on the Me Inc. team as soon as I got the welcome email. From her Facebook page, I thought Alice was adorable, personable, and quirky. When we paired up for an ice breaker game at that first meeting, I thought “Well, damn, she’s funny too!” Basically, she was a quadruple threat.

What is your favourite thing about each other?

Alice: Her ability to listen. She remembers all the little quirks and details about people, which makes her an amazing gifter. She gets really quiet when you talk, never interrupts, and just soaks in everything you say. It’s such a hard thing to do, but she does it well.

Allison: How she calms me down and has such a big heart that loves everyone. I’m usually very laid back and chill like an ice cube, but I can be like a match too – my temper can flare real quick. Alice has this ability to soothe people with her words and presence – she keeps me grounded when I am being ridiculous or too rough. There are not many people who can love and care for other people like Alice is able to. She amazes me all the time with the amount of patience and understanding that she has for everyone around her.

Describe each other in three words.

Alice: Halsey, driven, independent.
Allison: Dorky, uplifting, and diplomatic.

What is your most memorable moment together?

Alice: She always remembers the anniversary of the day that she asked me to co-chair. It’s kind of cute. On one of these anniversaries, she took me on a Steveston date! I showed up to her car and she had a yellow rose and a handwritten letter ready for me. That day, she showed me the best ice cream place and we had dinner at the fisherman’s wharf. She literally treats me like a princess.

Allison: We both don’t sleep much and sometimes we work together until late on campus. One night, we wanted to go clean Me Inc.’s locker at 11pm randomly and drove up to the back of Sauder. Long story short, we got super spooked by something and I gunned it fast and furious style out to West 10th. Later that night, we decided that Alice would sleepover. I called my dad to tell him to shove things in my closet and try to make my room look semi-clean so that I would look like less of a hoarder to Alice when we got back. I made her sit in my living room for 15 minutes until I deemed my room clean enough for her to see. We watched “The 100” until late and she wanted to write a note to my dad to thank him for letting her stay the night. When Alice writes cards, she goes HARD. It took me a while but I eventually convinced her to not write the note in case my dad thought that we were dating like a ton of people back then did – this is also a PR announcement that we did not and are not!


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