Meet the dynamic duo of Bonnie Cheng and Julyna Jadulang: best friends by day and energetic Co-Presidents of the Sauder International Student Association (SISA) by night.

Sauder In Love - Friends

Staff Writer: Jacqueline Yan


What was your first impression of the other?

Bonnie: I don’t even remember—it was so long ago! We were put into the same HR group. I probably thought something along the lines of “What a short and energetic—OMG no I remember now! Instagram-obsessed. We went to Timmies for our first team bonding session and literally right after we had our breakfast combos, J goes, “LET’S TAKE A PICTURE FOR MY INSTAGRAM. GUYS FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM.” #followforfollow

Julyna: In my defense, Bonnie’s favourite saying is “I should post something on my Instagram. My followers have EXPECTATIONS.”

Bonnie: Not very high expectations, but expectations nonetheless.

Julyna: Anyway, my first impression of her was, “Why is she listening to the professor so intently?” She was sitting at the very front and her eyes were glued to the professor and the slides. I don’t know if I was impressed or just

Describe each other in three words.

Bonnie: Has zero chill.

Julyna: Very very loud. If you’ve ever had a class near the CLC, you’veprobably heard her at least once or twice in your Sauder career. In all likelihood, you probably overheard gossip about someone.

When was the moment that you knew that you’d be great friends?

Bonnie: When she no longer got mildly offended by my sense of humour because she was so used to it. Also when she explains to people that I just say whatever’s on my mind and don’t mean anything by it.

Julyna: When I received a phone call at around 1:30 AM the day before the Thanksgiving dinner. It turns out, she was also thinking about the one million ways dinner could blow up the next day.  

What would be the other person’s spirit animal?

Bonnie:  A gopher. Or maybe a penguin. like a cute baby penguin that always needs to nap. And has attention issues.

Julyna: Hmm. To be honest, no spirit animal would describe Bonnie. I think Bonnie is a spirit animal. Bonnie is a very rare breed.

Where do you two usually hang out?

Bonnie: You hear us before you see us.

Julyna: We call it “The Corner” aka outside of the CLC. It’s our home.

Bonnie: We get that it’s a public space, but we’ve low-key claimed it until graduation.


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