Next up in our Sauder in Love series, we have the loving siblings, Gracia and Gabriel Chua!


Who is the older sibling?

Gabriel: Me, Gabriel.

Gracia: Him, lol.

Describe each other in three words.

Gabriel: My little princess.

Gracia: The successful child.

What do you enjoy doing together?

Playing music and singing/jamming together, gossiping.

What is one thing you can do that your sibling can’t?

Gabriel: Too many to count, but I’ll go with driving.

Gracia: I can sleep almost anywhere and anytime if I want to, but my brother cannot do that.

What is your favourite childhood memory together?

Gabriel:  Mine was our trip to Whistler when we were 11. It was the first time we saw snow and we went skiing for the entire week. We had a snowball fight and were so thrilled to see water turn into ice overnight.

Gracia: The first thing that came to mind were the times when we used to compete to see who could pick up the phone first when it rang. Then as we grew older, it became a competition of who could stand letting the phone ring the longest.


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