Valentine’s Day is also about telling your friends how much you appreciate them… with a romantic twist. Meet the dynamic duo, Tyler & Tanvir!


1.How did you two meet?

Tyler: One drunk night I was hanging out with my girlfriend and this tall brown guy comes up to me and says “You just have the most gorgeous eyes”. Kids, that’s how I met your Uncle Tanvir.

Tanvir: We met through a mutual friend, who happens to be his girlfriend. I once saw them together and could not help but notice his beautiful, honey-kissed eyes. So I asked his girlfriend to move over so that I could tell him that he has the most gorgeous eyes.

2. Favorite thing about each other

Tanvir: I’m gonna have to say his eyes. I always get lost whenever I look into those beautiful homewreckers. There was one night where I really wanted to take some pictures of him to remember his eyes, and there was no better background that I could think of than the snow on Mt. Seymour.

Tyler: Definitely how spontaneous he is. One Tuesday, I was going to study but we ended up having a campfire and somehow made our way up to Mt. Seymour to take pictures in the snow. He is the type of person that you for sure want to have in your life though. He just has an incredible amount of positive energy that brushes off on others.

3. You guys are going on exchange soon, how do you plan on staying connected?

Tanvir: I’ve already called Tyler a few times to keep up with everything and make it feel like I’m not even gone. I also got a large data plan so I’m able to FaceTime his eyes. I mean him.

Tyler: Tanvir has already called me a few times. I wake up to about 8 snapchat selfies and double digit text messages from him trying to describe how good the pasta is in Milan. He is a little needy.

4. Describe each other in 3 words

Tanvir: Halfie Golden Eyes

Tyler: Tall Brown Phones

5. What is the most memorable moment of each other?

Tanvir: It would most definitely be our first kiss. It was simply fate that a drinking game organized by his girlfriend had me and him locking lips. He told me he felt bad

Tyler: Our first kiss was quite the moment. Me, Tanvir, and a bunch of our friends were at my girlfriends place and one way or another Tanvir and I had to kiss due to some drinking game. I felt bad taking his second kiss but I think he kind of enjoyed it…