By: Sarah Job

You finally raised your hand in COMM 101.

You survived Recruit. You landed your dream internship despite the minor panic attack you may or may not have experienced before, after, and during the entire application process. You started a not-for-profit organization addressing a cause you are passionate about. You spearheaded that group project. You led the tutorial where the nervous first year in the back learned to come out of their shell. You came out of your shell. You represented your faculty on a varsity athletic team and at campus wide events such as the Student Leadership Conference 2015. You ran in the CUS elections. Campaigned for making waves in your student society in the interest of your peers. You served on the executive board of dozens of clubs within Sauder alone, hosting hundreds of events. You brainstormed an idea for your very first app. It’s on the down low right now but it’s going to be a pretty big deal.

You pulled a thirty-hour workweek on top of a full course load and still obliterated that finance exam. You got the co-op placement you wanted. You found your passion after ending up in a co-op placement you didn’t want. You worked behind the scenes on multi-faceted conferences. You dedicated countless hours to volunteer work in the community. You started that blog. You reached out connecting with the alumni whose story momentously affected you. You gave back, sitting down with the second year debating options who just needed some advice. You attended lectures taking place entirely in a language that is not your first, understood everything completely, and weren’t even smug about it. You performed on stage where it never would have occurred to you to do so a year ago, all in the name of a good cause and a great team. You panicked for the first week or so of your exchange before falling into the groove of things and making memories you’ll keep forever.

You got accepted to that summer program and you haven’t told anyone yet but you’re kind of incredibly excited. You led fundraisers for a plethora of causes, ranging from grass root endeavors to worldwide issues. You braved commutes upwards of one, two, three hours one-way and were still on time for class every day. You revamped Sauder orientation bringing an enthusiasm so contagious it carried into the year. You were commended at that case competition for bringing your fresh perspective. You received that award in recognition of your contributions to the community; your academic excellence; demonstrated leadership. You raised awareness of initiatives concerning sustainability, philanthropy, ethics, and Aboriginal culture. You were commemorated for your enduring impact on the Sauder community.

You cheered your heart out at the pep rally. You acted as the liaison between students and local businesses, contextualizing what it means to be an entrepreneur. You got your friends to do Faculty Cup with you. You accepted the job offer you worked toward your whole degree. You turned down the offer for the job that wasn’t for you because your heart told you that the right one is on its way, and it is. You went abroad with Arc Initiative and collaborated with local entrepreneurs, effectively revolutionizing the face of the future. You launched your own company. You made Dean’s Honour Roll for exceptional overall academic achievement. You made your own Honour Roll for getting through statistics. You hit a rough patch. Made mistakes. It happens. You never gave up. You still haven’t. For these reasons and so many more it is only fitting to recognize you as Sauderite of the Month.

Yes, you.

Hey Sauder: keep on going. You’re doing great.