The Cavalier challenges you to go for a run (bonus points if it’s a 10K)!

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Staff Writer: Tina Wang

  1. You’ll be able to mad dash to class and arrive right on the dot to dramatic (albeit imaginary) cinematic music, and sans the desperate cries from your lungs for oxygen. Plus, the extra five minutes in bed every morning wouldn’t hurt.
  2. You’ll finally find the courage to tell insomnia: “It’s not you, it’s me.” And that you’ve moved on.
  3. You’ll spend quality time alone – just you and your thoughts. You’ll discover that, somehow, your nagging thoughts have magically silenced. The ruts you’ve been trying to dig yourself out of have disappeared.
  4. You’ll finally get to conquer those beautiful trails and hills around Vancouver that you’ve been meaning to hit up, but somehow manage to forget every summer.
  5. You’ll exercise the power of mind over matter. You’ll redefine what you believe yourself to be able to do. Running is as much of a mental exercise as it is physical one. If you can’t imagine yourself ten kilometers down the road, you won’t make it. But once you can imagine yourself making it, the only thing between you and the finish line is ten kilometers (or your legs that will really hate you the next morning).
  6. You’ll develop a desire to be the best version of yourself, every moment, every day. Maybe you’ll never run a 10k again, but knowing that you did will change the way you tackle whatever curveballs life decides to chuck at you. (Let me warn you though, the taste of the celebratory doughnut at the end of the race may just be enough to bring you back.)
  7. You’ll be able to move quickly from point A to (a reasonable) point B without having to stop and catch your breath.
  8. You’ll hit a wall, or better yet, many walls. There will be moments when everything suddenly slams into you at once, and you’ll feel like you cannot possibly move another step. But you will put one foot ahead of the other, break down those walls, and taste invincibility.
  9. You’ll be overwhelmed by the feeling of accomplishment. There will be days when it’s too cold, too rainy, and a mile feels like a full marathon, but pushing through and finishing that run will put you on cloud nine.
  10. You’ll be hooked on the simplicity of it. No heavy weights, no complex machinery, no strange beeping buttons, nothing fancy. Just one foot, then the other, and repeat. Every step you take will be a step closer to the finish line.