What do you get when you mix a Marketing and Finance Major with a keen interest in video games and software?

An IT Recruiter.

Didn’t expect that, did you?

Enter the world of Nathan Warwuck, his take on the presence of technology, recruiting, and his favourite downtown eats!


Staff Writer: Niki Non  |  Photo Credits: Annice Chang

How did you get to where you are today?  

My first job ever was making video games. That was when I was back in high school. Because I started early, that got me really interested in software. After that, I studied Finance and Marketing in school, which wasn’t related to video games at all. But, out of the two, I liked Marketing a bit better. Then, I decided to do something totally crazy, and moved to Japan after university! I did something called the JET program which allowed me to have a bit of international business experience. My goal was to get into the video game industry in Japan, but instead, I went into recruitment for tech. So I stumbled into recruitment, and it was a total accident getting into this industry. I never thought I would, I didn’t really try to; I simply stumbled into it by accident. And then I’ve been doing it ever since!

I think the skills we learned in business school were really important, especially business development and marketing. For example, knowing how to position our services.

What is Robert Half Technology?

Robert Half is a staffing and recruiting company. It’s an agency that finds staff for clients. A company will come to us, and we’ll go out and find that individual and match them up. I’m on the technology team, but that doesn’t mean we simply hire for tech companies. An insurance company, for example, could be looking for a software developer. So we’d find technical people for technical roles at any kind of company (financial services companies, consumer goods companies, etc.).

What kind of tips would you give to a student who’s uncertain of exploring the tech world or not?

Technology affects everything! It’s almost impossible to find a job where technology isn’t involved. Even if you don’t go into the tech sector, whatever job you choose has tech in it. In the accounting world, accounting software is huge, whether it be Quickbooks, SAP, or Oracle. In banking, all bankers use so many applications, so tech is everywhere whether we like it or not!

With smartphones, people are using apps in their personal lives, and those same apps are being used more and more in business. Using a smartphone a lot is probably a good thing for your career! You get more familiar with technology and cloud based systems.

As well, if you’re really good with business systems, that is a huge advantage. The chances are whatever career path you’ll take you’ll be exposed to some kind of system, whether it be CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or apps specific to whatever business you are in. Good excel skills are also essential!

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I think the thing I really like about my job is the variety. I work with so many different companies and I work with so many different people, so each day is a bit different. That’s the beauty of working in an agency. You’re always working with new customers or clients even as the economy changes with certain sectors going up and down.

What is the biggest breakthrough in tech lately?

There are definitely a couple things on the horizon. Virtual reality is really hot right now with the Oculus Rift, which is supposed to come out mid-year this year. For the first time, the software used to develop 3-D applications has really matured and is quite easy to use. In terms of smartphones, it has made a big impact. Because everyone carries one, we all have big expectations of what it can do. Businesses now are playing a bit of catch-up because the consumer market is putting pressure on the business market.

How do you pursue a work-life balance lifestyle?

What I try to do is take a proper lunch break every day. I will either go with my co-workers or with my clients. Lunch is very important to me – I never skip lunch! I try to stay active and go to the gym during the day. I make it a point to go regularly, and put it into my schedule so I don’t skip it. My whole team here tries to stay active whether it be hiking, snowboarding, or skiing.

I think it’s really important to balance work with exercise. I’ve seen this a million times – people don’t prioritize exercise. “I’ll do it later” or “My work is more important than exercise”. It’s something that you have to make time for, and ultimately, it will make you better at your job. It’s a bit counterintuitive, but the reality is you would be more productive if you’re healthy!

What are your top 3 places to eat?

I eat a lot of Asian cuisine, so there’s some really great places around here (in downtown). So Sala Thai on Burrard is really good, and then there’s ChongQing on Robson that has a range of traditional Sichuan-style dishes. I go to the Terminal City Club a lot, but that’s just my little indulgence.

Thank you Nathan for sharing your time and enthusiasm with The Cavalier team, and shedding a bit of light on your role as an IT Recruiter!