By Nathan Ma, Staff Writer


Love in all its impassioned and swooning glory has been the faithful fodder for pop songs as long as anyone cares to remember. Judging by the hopelessly optimistic and naive lyrical content found within the first 50 years of love songs in pop, (honestly, are you really going to be hers until “two and two is three?”) the shift to the realistic swoon-songs found in recent decades should continue to depress and dissuade adolescents for heartbreaks to come. So just in time for Valentine’s Day is a compilation of some “contemporary” love songs. And while they might not reaffirm your belief in “true love,” they will, however, line up nicely in your make-out play-list next to “Ignition.”



arctic“Cornerstone” – Arctic Monkeys

Losing someone is always tough. Even harder is when you decide that moving on is overrated and instead parade around town looking for an exact replica of your past flame. Luckily songwriter Alex Turner finds his solution; date her sister.






“Lloyd I’m Ready to Be Heartbroken” – Camera Obscura


Backed by buoyant strings and an even brighter melody, heartbreak has never sounded this enchanting. Lead vocalist Tracyanne Campbell knows exactly how her dream romance will end though, and by the third verse, she’s already planning a solitary getaway to “an east coast city” to “walk about.”




wilco“You and I” – Wilco


Nothing suggests melancholy like teaming up with Leslie Feist for a duet, and the ensuing drama would slide comfortably on daytime television. In an era where mistakes and regret seems to take precedence in our consciousness, Jeff Tweedy echoes this sentiment when he admits, “I don’t need to know everything about you.”