By Iugene Ma, Staff Writer

 Nathalie & Miguel

How did they meet?

Nathalie and Miguel are soul mates that travelled the whole world over to find each other. Miguel may have grown up in Rio de Janeiro, but studied at Stockholm International School to meet new people—and most importantly Nathalie. Nathalie moved from Jakarta to Sweden to pursue academic studies, and found that Miguel was pursuing her too.

Alas, they confronted and feelings in 2011 and began to step out. Their biggest leap of faith together was to select the Sauder School of Business at UBC to move on in their studies and their own relationship. They continue to share their love of travelling and experiencing exotic lifestyles. They are thrill-seekers and party hard when they can.

What was their best memory? And what would they do with an unlimited budget for Valentine’s Day?

The best party, according to Nathalie, was Spring Break 2012, in which the couple went to Bali, Indonesia. This was near her hometown, so she hosted him in an adventure filled tour. She expects Miguel to return the favor as host in Rio if they had an unlimited budget to spend for Valentine’s Days. After Rio, they will probably pick random places they have never been to and jump on the next plane that will take them there.


The Cavalier wishes them Happy Valentine’s Day and may be their love spread to wherever they travel!