“A win does not mean that you place first; a win is being the best person you can be.” This mindset has empowered the Sauder JDC West Team in the past nine months.

From January 16 to 18, twelve Canadian business schools will venture to Victoria for Western Canada’s largest business competition. Representing Sauder is a delegation of thirty academic competitors, eight athletes to be competing in European handball and Shtick Disc (a combination of Capture the Flag and Ultimate Frisbee), four parliamentary-style debate members, and four social competitors.

Co-Captains’ Vision for 2015: Development, Integration, Consistency
For the past nine months, coaches, team members, executives, and volunteers have strived to empower others, whether on the team or in the larger community. Members have grown immensely at an individual level under effective coaching and diligent training, and the team has strengthened collectively through participating in social charity events as well as sharing the JDC West mission of contributing to the community.

The team is among Sauder’s best and brightest. Thus, each member’s abilities are not only applicable to a single discipline, but can rather be integrated across all sub-teams. On a granular level, members attend two practices of other sub-teams every month to become better-rounded and gain a more holistic understanding of each discipline’s activities and contributions. Prior to the actual competition, the entire JDC West experience is simulated twice with industry professionals as judges. Members attend all events to observe and support each individual’s exceptional efforts. Team socials and retreats have further encouraged cooperation between members of varying sub-teams.

Lastly, consistency across the team is crucial. Challenges arise in allocating resources such that teams can develop by a uniform benchmark. Through augmenting the team structure, such as aiding coaches in effectively providing feedback, and standardizing sub-teams to have three coaches each, all members are given the same level of attention and support.

Come out and support the team!

JDC West fosters and thrives on individuals’ passions, and develops well-rounded students for years in Sauder and beyond. The team highly encourages students to join them for the exciting weekend in Victoria and become immersed in the invaluable experience.
Visit jdcwest.cus.ca for additional information on Sauder’s JDC West team, and jdcwest.com regarding day passes for the competition.