Old dogs walk heartbreakingly into doors, and their aging tendencies are far from entertaining. At best, they are a reminder of better days, not unlike Robin Williams and John Travolta’s acting careers. Similar to how scrubbing the last pee stain out influences the decision to put an old dog down, the paycheck received by Willams and Travolta must have consoled their choice of selling out on this lack-luster children’s comedy. The film is geared purely towards children, not throwing a witty comment or clever innuendo to the parents purchasing the movie tickets and suffering through the boringly predictable story line.

Two successful business partners enter the most important business deal of their lives when they are haunted by the repercussions of a wild trip to Miami.  No it wasn’t a hangover, this is a Disney movie. Robin Williams’ character discovers he’s the father of 7 year old twins who need babysitting while their mother goes to jail.

Ella Bleu Travolta, daughter of John Travolta’s daughter makes her charming debut as a fraternal twin in Old Dogs. Comfortable on camera, Ella has elegance rather than playing a destructive blood pressure raising child. Instead, the slapstick comedy is rooted in fatherhood tribulations of balancing work and family as the intentions change from enduring the children to gaining their respect.

Bernie Mac makes his final appearance since his death in August 2008. His character is true to himself as a loud, fun-loving and friend enlisted in for parenting advice.

Williams and Travolta try to show off for the kids in an entertainingly violent Ultimate Frisbee game reminiscent of Travolta’s days in Pulp Fiction. Otherwise, the only enjoyment I could have received from this film was if I brought my 8 year old sister to take pleasure in her giggles at the poop and fart jokes. As it stands, I would rather convince her to go to New Moon, I’m sure she’s desensitized about vampires by now.

1.5/5 stars