By: Sarah Job

Young Women in Business UBC Chapter has just launched the Blossom Mentorship Program. It is a new initiative aimed towards facilitating YWiB’s integral goal of connecting driven young women across all different careers, industries, and backgrounds and creating a space for participants to actively learn and grow alongside one another. Mid-October saw the official launch of the program, which entailed an elegant Mentor- Mentee Meet & Greet. Having been there to see the night’s festivities unfold firsthand, being a mentee myself, I took care to put together a run down of the event:

5:15 – 6:30 Registration + Mentee Meet & Greet + Program Introduction

Gradually, mentees arrived and checked in. Time was allotted for introductions and mingling. Subsequently, program coordinators Melissa Wu and Joanna Lai formally introduced the program, divulging key points such as important dates and general expectations. As well we were given a detailed account of what the evening’s itinerary looked like. Given the mentors themselves were set to arrive a little later in the evening, the coordinators took care to arrange some icebreaker activities to encourage camaraderie among us mentees as well. The atmosphere in the event had already been warm and welcoming to begin with, but all good vibes were elevated following the icebreaker, so it was certainly a thoughtful touch.

6:30 – 6:35 Mentor Arrival / Mentor-Mentee Meet & Greet

Following the mentors’ arrival, mentees were encouraged to go around getting to know everyone. This led to one-on-one time with our designated mentors, during which time we all got to know each other better in determining a manageable schedule for the remainder of the year. Regarding my own conversation with my mentor, I can attest to gaining incredible insight into a field I had not previously been as thoroughly knowledgeable about. Of course Blossom aims to set mentees up with mentors in the fields we are already interested in and which we express intention to learn more about. However, there is nothing like an in depth account from a business professional who is actually in the industry to put into perspective how little background knowledge actually covers the true day-to-day workings in a given career.

8:00 – 8:30 Closing Remarks

Goodbyes and details on follow-up appointments were exchanged. Ultimately, it was a lovely evening. Young Women in Business’s UBC Chapter most definitely has incredible things on the horizon; the Blossom Mentorship Program surely only one more indicator of even greater ventures to come.